Harry Potter Potions

Hi! Along the Harry Potter series, we have heard/read a lot of times about the potions. Well, today I'm showing you my potions.

Do you like them? Perfect then because today I'll tell you how to make this lovely and easy potion yourself.

What materials do you need for this DIY?

-small glass jar (You can find them in different sizes and shapes. Choose the one you like the most)
-Paints,acrylics,food colorings,etc
-clear glue


First, take your small glass jar and fill it with the clear glue and water (you can fill it as much  as you want).

Then add the food coloring, paints or whatever you had chosne with the toothpick and mix them. I recommend you to put a small amount of the paint (etc.) and then put more until you get the exact color that you want for the potion.
If you don't have paints or food coloring, don't worry. You can use things that I'm completely sure you'll fing in your house. For example, If you'll do the "amortentia" potion that is pink instead of coloring the glue you can use a liquid soap that is pink. Or if you're going to do the "Felix Felicis" potion you can use honey.

After this you are almost done. The next step is going to your computer, and make the labels to stick in the potion so you can know which potion is one.

If you can paint the borders so they will look like the photo below. You can do this with paint+water and painting the borders carefully with a sponge. Also, you can use: coffee, food coloring+water.

And congratulations, you're done. Your potions are finished.

What do you think? Do you like them? Will you go to a potion class with Snape and do any potion? 



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